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Sunlight Solutions Announces Partnership with HazardHub

Dernière mise à jour : 15 oct. 2021

Much like the Sun acts as the center of our solar system, we imagine Sunlight as the hub of our customer’s technology ecosystem. Being a core policy and insurtech hub, we have a responsibility not to stay isolated, but instead to be a conduit to other data and services that deliver value to insurers and MGAs. Having a product that is proven to be integration friendly is a must for Sunlight to reach the goals we have for our company and our customers.

It is because of this obligation that I am pleased to announce that Sunlight and Hazard Hub have recently formed a partnership. Sunlight’s current and future clients will now have direct access to the most comprehensive property risk database in the United States. Hazard Hub translates incredible amounts of geo-spatial data across air, water, earth, fire and manmade risks into easy-to-understand information that allow insurers and their underwriters to make the best decisions possible.

For more information please see the full release here


Sunlight Solutions Announces Partnership with HazardHub

Minneapolis, MN – March 2, 2021 – Sunlight Solutions (Sunlight), a cloud-native provider of core administration technology and innovative insurtech services, is pleased to announce a new partnership with HazardHub, the fastest-growing provider of geospatial risk data in the U.S., which will make HazardHub’s proprietary datasets, risk scores, and catastrophe models immediately available to Sunlight customers.

A true digital insurance suite, Sunlight’s flagship offering, Sunlight Enterprise, goes beyond the boundaries of traditional core (policy, billing, and claims) administration solutions. Using Sunlight Enterprise, daily insurance operations are easily automated, and the policyholder experience is further enhanced through fully-integrated producer/customer portals, connected objects, and parametric support services. A robust library of open APIs enables ease of integration with third-party data providers for more accurate underwriting and increased straight-through processing (STP).

“Our existing and potential customers are looking for predictive insights into emerging risks among the five major hazard categories – earth, wind, fire, water, and manmade – which HazardHub basically owns,” said David McFarlin, director of business development for Sunlight. “Backed by Sunlight’s rating and rules engine, we provide business users the ability to configure advanced underwriting rules and create streamlined workflows. HazardHub compliments Sunlight’s already powerful underwriting workbench with access to greater intelligence for risk analysis and the optimization of premium calculations.”

“For decades, point-in-time property risk information has been ransomed to insurance organizations in formats which made it difficult to consume and actually utilize,” said Bob Frady, founder and CEO of HazardHub. “When combined with our unique risk scores and lightning-fast access, Sunlight P&C insurance customers will have the best lens possible for getting a comprehensive picture of any property risk in the U.S. and for ultimately making more accurate underwriting decisions. Integrating HazardHub data into Sunlight Enterprise will enable Sunlight’s insurer customers to instantly be more competitive."

HazardHub translates huge amounts of geospatial data into easy-to-understand, digital insights. The combination of HazardHub and Sunlight helps Sunlight’s P&C insurer customers not only more accurately assess risks but keep up with rapidly changing risk or hazard information which could directly impact a premium or a claim. By embedding HazardHub’s data into Sunlight Enterprise, insurers can better identify the best risks, and reduce the time and costs involved in acquiring the data needed for critical rating and underwriting decisions.

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About Sunlight Solutions (Sunlight)

Sunlight Solutions is the provider of a game-changing digital insurance solution, Sunlight Enterprise. Built for property and casualty (P&C) insurance companies and managing general agencies (MGAs) around the globe, Sunlight combines the management of key insurance operations with forward-thinking insurtech services. Developed on modern, open technology and offering flexibility with rich functionality, Sunlight Enterprise untethers insurers from technology constraints and allows them to dream big, design, and deploy uniquely tailored products with rapid speed-to-market and better serve users, producers, and customers. For additional information, please visit

About HazardHub

HazardHub is your insurance policy against property risk. Air. Fire. Water. Earth. Man-Made. Property Characteristics – HazardHub spans the most dangerous perils in the continental United States. HazardHub translates huge amounts of geospatial digital data into easy-to-understand answers, providing easy to comprehend risk scorecards that are used to make real-world decisions. Our team of scientists provides comprehensive and innovative national coverage for risks that destroy and damage property. With more than 10,000,000 results returned to the market, HazardHub is fast becoming the industry's go-to vendor for property and risk data. For more information, please visit

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