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Insurance solutions should simply work and not be out of date by the time they’re implemented.

Our strong motivation

To build a highly reliable modern and simple solution removing competing priorities while providing our customers with the control required to compete in a changing market.  Sunlight Enterprise, with 100% open architecture, allows our customer to continually develop and grow.

Our goal

To keep ahead of the market and the insurance carrier’s need to reinvent.  Our customers have the right to be wrong.  We encourage you to change your mind.

The result

Our founders spent their careers in Insurance Technology, working for carriers, consultants and vendors.   With over 15 years of successful collaborations, they sought to create a solution that requires minimum customization, offers maximum configuration, and is built to easily scale with features that are not currently available on the market.

Our roadmap is driven by your business

We offer a simple, hands on, lean approach which offers you the right to change your mind.  Combine this with our unequaled product and unique features and now you can exceed today’s and tomorrow’s business requirements.


Sunlight Enterprise was created by a team of insurance experts with over 100 successful implementations.  We understood carriers were being slowed by implementations taking months or years.  We eliminated the risk for carriers/MGA’s by speeding up the implementation process.  Sunlight Enterprise has modern straight forward architecture which is flexible.

We are not consultants.  We are product experts.

Working side by side with our clients, we conduct operations meeting.  Solving the problems of today while we deliver a solutions with the agility to handle your future needs.

Ready to go!  We are fast!  In only weeks a new LOB or state is in production.

Sunlight Enterprise was created without a project.  This enabled us to develop a solution which is 100% ready to go and allows our customers to be very specific about their business model, workflow and organization.

We encourage you to change your mind!


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